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Students enrolled under the approved qualification may be eligible for Travel concession card. if they satisfy the below:(*) - A Full Time student enrolled in the qualification. - Attending minimum 20 hours per week of classroom-based studies. For more information students can visit: NSW transport website ‘‘ (*) Subject to receive approval from transport NSW authority to the RTO.
IAMA has LLN assessment done with every enrolment. It is assessing a student’s competence in reading and numeracy are required to be made by an approved course provider or a Commonwealth, State or Territory government agency.
IAMA offers a range of payment options, from a deposit payment to interest-free monthly, fortnightly and weekly payment plans. The payment can be done in cash, Eftpos, or in IAMA bank account. Check student hand book for more information or contact one of our friendly student support staff by clicking on by clicking on Contact for more information.
To make an enrolment please follow : - Click on the interested course you like, - Press Apply now, - follow the simple steps. The student admission will send to your emails all requirements and forms to fill in and submit all to Also, - you can download the Enrolment Form, from IAMA website/student support / forms\ enrolment\ If you apply for RPL please download : The IAMA enrolment form, and The pre required forms for your preferred qualification to determine your skills and knowledge and assist your decision : self-assessment questionary Referee Testimonial and fill in the forms then submit it to Also - you can walk in to our Institute and hand over the enrolment forms with your IDs. if you still need further assistance, you can contact our friendly student support staff by clicking on Contact
Most of our courses have no formal education entry requirements. Check the course page on our website to see if the course you are interested in has any additional requirements.
When you complete your course, you’ll receive a document which certifies you have successfully completed your studies which is nationally recognised. Depending on which course you are enrolled in, yourpartial course completion will entail you to receive a statement of attainment for the units of competencies you have successfully completed.
IAMA Offers different teaching and learning methods that are available to the students to choose at their discretion such as Face to Face. all your assessments will be either submitted online or may be posted to us or under a classroom observation, discussion, case studies, role plays & written assignments or at the work placement.
If you need help with your course, IAMA has a range of support options available for you. Our student support staff is available to answer any general questions you might have about your course. You can contact us between 9am and 5pm (Weekdays) or email regarding any queries outside of these timings.Your trainer will also be able to offer course-specific advice.
You’ll need a computer, some basic software (like Microsoft office suite) and an internet connection. Some of our courses require extra materials or specific software but for the majority of our courses it is easy to get started. For some courses you even have the option of receiving your learning materials in hard copy (for an extra fee) but you’ll still use our online portal for most of your course.
Yes. IAMA is a Registered Training Organisation who delivers nationally recognised training under the Australian Quality Framework. We are registered with ASQA which means that our accredited courses provide you with exactly the same qualification you would receive if you studied the course at TAFE or OTEN.
All courses have Core and Elective units. While Core units are mandatory as far as Elective units are considered student has the right option to: - Select Elective units as recommended by IAMA, which has been determined through industry consultation. - Select your own Elective units (according to qualification roles in its training package) based on their own vocational need.

Student need to download a Student Request or Notification form at IAMA website/student support/forms
Fill in the form explain exactly his especial requirement
Date time he needs to be supported
Especial needs or tools


IAMA has its internal student support services such as:

  1. Student technology centre
    IAMA has the pleasure to provide its students accessing to the internet through its lab and centre FREE of charge.
    Laptop, computer and printer
  2. Technology Tuitions
    AMA has the pleasure to provide to its students a training in computer field to:
    build his resume
    search in google
    using MS word – power point – excel (basics).
    Completing the online enrolment (Free)
    How to communicate with the trainers or/and assessor by emails (Free)
    How to create a student account on the student portal (Free)
    Help students to subscribe in useful website like white paper and famous libraries (Free).
  3. Tuition (LLN)
    IAMA has the pleasure to provide to its students a training in basic of:
    English languages - Mathematics
    Communication skills
    Related qualification terminology


available time from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
printing available by 20c per page black or 30c per colour (TXET only)
not allowed to print any non-educational material or researches not related to your courses.
all tuition services cost $50 per hours max mum ($200 per lecture).
The services will be done by the qualification trainers or professional teachers.
The free services should be booked a week early.
please refer to Fee and refund policy handbook for more details.

IAMA will be more than happy to support its students.

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